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Annual Client Meeting - Singles and Surviving Spouses

  • Location: Norman Regional Hospital Education Center

  • Registration required. Call or email our office to register.

  • 405-364-2246 or

More info below:

Thank you for being part of our client family and making 2015 a great year for Cain & Cain! Our Estate Planners for Life™ Maintenance and Education program will kick off the year with the 2016 Annual Client Meetings.  Thanks to our friends at the Norman Regional Health System all of our meetings will take place in the Education Center Auditorium located at 910 N. Porter. As we learned last year, it comfortably seats a large number of people, provides excellent audio and visual equipment, and provides more than adequate parking and disability access for our clients. If you have been unable to attend the Annual Client Meeting for whatever reason in the past, don’t worry about it.  It is a new year and we look forward to our reunion and chance to get your education and planning up to date!  

With your help we have grown to the point that we can now present “focused” Annual Client Meetings in 2016.  We now have enough clients that fall into one of three categories that we can customize the content of the presentation to be the most relevant to our audience.  In addition to all of the standard mutual exchanges of information and legal updates we do each year, we have set aside one meeting to talk about educational and counseling issues that are most relevant to clients with minor children. A separate meeting will address the unique issues facing single members and surviving spouses of our client family who have children, beneficiaries, or causes they support in their planning.  Finally, we have a designated meeting for married couples with adult children or beneficiaries that will focus on personal protections for spouses, federal estate tax planning, retirement plan integration, and wealth reception techniques for their adult children and beneficiaries.  The Annual Client Meeting is an extremely important part of our formal maintenance and education program. If you cannot make a “focused” meeting, please understand that you can register and attend any of the three meetings! Your attendance at one of the three meetings is the only way we can effectively and efficiently exchange life updates, law updates, and learning updates! We will also be demonstrating our recently revamped website which now includes a client login section to make it more conducive to providing client information, educational presentations, and other resources to help you and your family members.