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Back to Basics (EPFL Client Event)

Information About this Event:

Back to Basics is designed to assist our Estate Planners for Life (EPFL) members get the most out of the Client Update Program.  Our EPFL members are eligible to participate in our Client Update Program every other year.  Members will receive notification and instructions on how to participate.  We encourage ALL of our members to take advantage of this valuable service.  Members participating in the Client Update Program will be reviewing their current estate plans and communicating with us about making any adjustments necessary to ensure that the estate plan will continue to serve it's intended purpose.  We will help all of our members identify any life changes that may need to be addressed by a slight or significant change in the estate plan.  Please keep in mind that we encourage all of our EPFL members to participate in the program even if they do not have any changes to make in their estate plans.  Part of our service to our clients is to continually keep up with changes in estate planning laws and implement the best and most up to date legal language in our documents.  Participating in the Client Update Program, even if you are not personally making any changes, will give you the newest and best versions of the documents in your estate plan.  

 What is Back to Basics, and how will it help me participate in the Client Update Program?

Think of Back to Basics as a refresher course for estate planning.  Most of our EPFL members who are eligible for the Client Update Program this year have not needed to review their documents since 2014, when they were either designing their estate plans, or were participating in the Client Update Program that year.  At that time, in either case, our members received an incredible amount of information, so much that we couldn't expect anyone to have retained all of it in their memory over the period of time.  At the Back to Basics event we will refresh your memory on what you learned during the design or latest review or your estate plan.  Prior to the Back to Basics event you will receive an Estate Planning Review Worksheet.  If you have not completed and returned the worksheet before the Back to Basics event, we encourage you to bring it to the event with you, along with any questions you have.  

How to sign up for the event:

In order to prepare for your attendance we ask that everyone registers for this event in advance.  You may register by any of the following:

Call:  405-364-2246


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Back to Basics (EPFL Client Event)
Later Event: August 31
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