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Angels and Heroes Legacy (Client Event)

We are looking forward to seeing our clients and their families at this fun and creative legacy event!

The acclaimed poet and author Maya Angelou writes, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." We may have no idea how long those we love have waited to tell the stories of their life, simply because no one thought to ask, and they didnt know how to begin The moment we do ask, and their story comes to life, a remarkable transformation takes place: The storyteller also comes to life in a way that we cannot experience as long as our stories remain untold and unheard. Furthermore, stories are highly entertaining, often humorous, and add greatly to our enjoyment of life and each other.

Angels & heroes is a simple process designed to capture the life stories of those closest to us. This conversation provides a structure within which the storyteller can readily identify the "angels and heroes" in his or her life and uncover themes, values, and memories - the wealth of a lifetime.

When the interview is finshed, many feel that they know their family member or friend in a new way that deepens the bond between them. Through this simple process, it takes only a few minutes to uncover the wealth hiding in the untold stories of those we love - stories that need to be told so they can be heard, enjoyed, shared, and remembered again and again.

Call, email, or click the link below to let us know you are coming!