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The Truth About Estate Planning (open to public)

Education is a top priority at Cain & Cain. We enjoy helping our clients make informed decisions about their estate plans, as well as helping others to learn more about the estate planning process, and any issues affecting their estate planning.  There is no charge for this event, anyone is welcome to attend!  Space is limited, please register so we can plan accordingly for seating and parking.


· The Truth About Estate Planning™ programs are essential to anyone thinking about any form of estate planning, for any size of estate. 

· There will be an in-depth discussion of the 4 keys to an effective estate plan, and identification of 5 personal planning goals which are often overlooked. 

· Together, we will explore strategies to minimize legal expenses, as well as to reduce the complexity and the amount of time involved in transferring an estate to loved ones. 

Discussion Includes: 

  • Why most estate plans do not work
  • The importance of proper asset ownership
  •  How to avoid probate
  • How to make life easier on your loved ones in troubling times
  • What the estate planning “process” is and how you can prepare for it