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Empowered Estate Plan Presentation (open to public)

Education is a top priority at Cain & Cain. We enjoy helping our clients make informed decisions about their estate plans, as well as helping others to learn more about the estate planning process, and any issues affecting their estate planning.  There is no charge for this event, anyone is welcome to attend!  Space is limited, please register so we can plan accordingly for seating and parking.

CAIN & CAIN, Estate Planners for Life™

The Empowered Estate Plan® Presentation

 Our presentation is about empowering you and your family to create, maintain and implement a successful estate plan, a plan that works. No matter how you're currently positioned our goal is to help you begin the process of putting together a plan that works for you and your family.

 With proper planning you can be:

· Empowered to design and implement a plan to ensure you are cared for in your later years the way you prefer, and without necessary stress and regret on the part of your caregivers

· Empowered to ensure your children are reared the way you intend, with proper guidance and resources

· Empowered to maintain control of your finances as long as that makes sense - in your opinion! And to transfer the distinctions and approaches you've discovered, including those who helped you most, on to your loved ones

· Empowered as a surviving spouse to better handle the grieving period and your move to your "new normal," whatever that turns out to be for you - possibly even including remarriage!

· Empowered to protect your loved ones from life risks such as lawsuit creditors, failed marriages and catastrophic illness

· Empowered as an inheritor to better use your inheritance to meet your own goals with comfort and confidence

· Empowered to leave a legacy more than just financial that reflects your own values and beliefs


(Online Registration will be available during the same month of the event, to register early contact our office by phone or email)

·To Register:

Call: 405-364-2246