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Member Orientation Meeting

This is an Orientation Meeting where the entire Estate Planners for Life™ Program is explained in detail.  Our goal is that our new clients will attend a meeting early in the relationship while clients are focused and family members and helpers more likely to be energized and participate.  Big Picture: Focuses on Who, What, When, Where, and Why. 

The EPFL Program™ Orientation Meeting will be required of all new clients and their helpers going forward and will occur at least once every quarter.  This is also offered to all existing clients and we encourage everyone, no matter how long they have been a part of our program to attend!

Topics will include:

•       Review Your Member Agreement

•       Introduce Your Operator’s Manual (The Blue Book)

•       Cover “Technology” Support

•       Summarize the Essential Elements That Must Be Mastered for a Plan to Work

•       Begin the Personalization Process

•       Invite Your Full Participation in Wealth Reception™ Planning