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Family Legacy Event (Client and Family Event)

We invite our clients to join us for a Family Legacy event every year close to Thanksgiving. This time of year many people will spend more time with their close friends and family. We would love for this event to become an occasion (or an excuse!) for friends and family to come together for an enjoyable evening. The theme of this years Family Legacy Event is based on the movie “The Ultimate Gift” (James Garner, Drew Fuller).

Legacy Events focus on coming up with ideas for the things you want to leave your family and loved ones that cannot be written into any legal documents. Your wealth is much greater than the tangible things you own. We love events like these to help our clients intentionally pass on this other type of “wealth”. This can be knowledge, insights, stories, and much more. There is no limit to expressing the essence of who you are for your loved ones to enjoy and benefit from in the future.