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Lunch & Learn: Retaining Assets Under Management

Join us for lunch, education, and networking!  If you are familiar with the topic of estate planning, you are aware of the complexity of the subject.  We often hold educational events to introduce the basics of estate planning to anyone interested.  This year we are adding even more to our educational events.  We have planned one Lunch & Learn each month with a different specific estate planning topic!  Any of these lunches will give you a more in depth knowledge of estate planning.  We encourage you to attend every lunch, or attend the lunches with the topics you are most interested in learning about!

As always, our Lunch & Learn events are a great opportunity for you to build knowledge that is helpful to you as you provide the best services to your clients.  We look forward to learning more about you as well, and the services that you provide your clients.

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1770 West Main Street, Norman OK 73069