Clients & Families FAQ

+ How do clients access materials?

Clients may use the Client and Family Login on this website to gain access to a variety of materials and information specifically for our Estate Planners for Life Members and their beneficiaries and Helpers. You must enter your name, email and a password to access the materials.

We encourage our clients to use this feature on our website often as we are continually adding new materials and updating old materials as well.

+ How do clients' beneficiaries and Helpers access educational materials?

All members of the Estate Planners for Life program will be provided a password to access the materials on our website. Anyone who is not a member of the Estate Planners for Life Program must be given the password from an active client.

+ How do I obtain a password?

We will provide the password to each of our clients. If you were given the password and do not remember it you may contact our office to get the password again. Only clients will be given the password by the Cain & Cain law firm. Beneficiaries and Helpers may request the password from a client.

+ What is a "Helper"?

A "Helper" is an individual who may be a family member, friend, or professional colleague or advisor who has been given a "role" in one of our clients' estate plans. There are many roles that a Helper can be given, for example, Trustee, Successor Trustee, Beneficiary, Healthcare Power of Attorney, and Power of Attorney for Property are some of the roles an individual can be given.

Education is a top priorty at our firm. In addition to providing education for our clients so that they can make confident and well informed decisions regarding their estate planning, we also like to extend education to our clients' helpers so they can also be well informed if are placed into one of these roles in the future. Please sign your helpers up for the Family Education Programs that we provide.


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