Planned Giving FAQ

+ Can Cain & Cain help my nonprofit increase planned giving?

Many people make donations to the nonprofits they believe in periodically and often regularly throughout their lives. In most cases these donations end when that person passes away. Cain & Cain educates clients about planned giving during the creation of their estate plans. Many people are unaware that they can incorporate planned giving into their estate plans. Clients are often delighted to discover that their legacies can continue to support the causes that are most meaningful to them.

+ Are Cain & Cain's core values aligned with those of my nonprofit?

The Core Values at Cain & Cain are centered around providing excellent and meaningful service for our clients as well as the clients' loved ones. At Cain & Cain, we take PRIDE in our work and repuataion. Work hard to develop RELATIONSHIPS defined by a feeling of fellowship because of common attitudes, interests and goals between our team, clients, and Planning Partners. We have a strong sense of INTEGRITY that means we say what we do, and do what we say. All of our team members share the DEDICATION to better our own lives and the lives of our client families and Planning Partners. Our team places EDUCATION as a top priority for continuous improvements in ourselves, our firm, and our processes.

To learn more about the Core Values at Cain & Cain please join us at our next educational event, or call our office to schedule a meeting.

+ Can Cain & Cain help my nonprofit tell it's "story" of the people we impact?

We encourage representatives of nonprofits to teach us about their organizations so that we can learn the stories about the impact they have in people's lives. Please contact our office at 405-364-2246 to schedule a meeting to educate us about your nonprofit and discuss how we may collaborate and support one another.


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