Orientation Meeting - Estate Planners for Life Program

At our 2017 Annual Client Meeting sessions we discussed our Estate Planners for Life (EPFL) Program™, and how it has grown in the past few years to become exceptionally efficient in creating and maintaining estate plans that really work.  If you missed our 2017 Annual Client Meeting please see the description of the Orientation Meeting below.  We created the Orientation Meeting to help our EPFL™ Members learn how we can work together to really get the most out of the valuable services we provide.  We are encouraging all of our clients to attend an Orientation Meeting this year, no matter how long they have already been a part of the program.  

The EPFL Program™ Orientation Meeting is a new addition in 2017 to the educational meetings we provide.  It is designed to provide a great "big picture" view of how we work with clients to maintain estate plans that really work!  We encourage all of our clients to invite family, loved ones, and any personal or professional "helpers" to attend any of our educational meetings.  However, if any of these individuals are only able to attend one of our educational meetings in person this year we highly recommend that they attend an Orientation Meeting! Please see more details below, and register right away if you have not already!

Estate Planners for Life Program Member Orientation Meeting:

The Estate Planners for Life™ Program is a professional relationship in which we mutually commit to developing, maintaining, and carrying out a plan that will accomplish all of your estate planning goals.  The Member Orientation Meeting is where the entire Estate Planners for Life™ Program is explained in detail.  In Step One of our relationship, you chose to develop your plan with counseling-oriented planning partners.  As a result, we created multiple custom legal documents designed to accomplish your estate planning goals.  You are now at the point where we need to efficiently and effectively transition you, and more importantly your family members and helpers, into Step Two of our relationship.

In Step Two of the Three Step Strategy™, you committed yourself and your family to a formal and continuous maintenance and education program.   This Meeting is designed so that our new and existing clients, their family members, trustees, health care agents, and helpers can see the big picture of HOW WE WORK TOGETHER in the years to come to create and maintain estate plans that work!   You will attend this meeting early in our relationship while you are already highly focused on getting even more education and understanding of how your plan is designed to work.  More importantly, we want to educate and integrate your family members and helpers into the Program early in our relationship when they are more likely to be energized and participate.