Each Day is a Blessing

In 1986 I had the shock of my life.  My father, at the age of 71, died unexpectedly on the operating table.  He was only having knee surgery following bypass surgery that was completely successful.  It seemed impossible that my rock, my soul mate was gone.  I thought he would live to see his grandchildren graduate and walk down the aisle on their wedding days.  Daddy, of all people, knew me, knew my soul and was a model of unconditional love.  After being mad ~ angry that he died, I grieved and then I gave thanks for his life.  I learned during the next few years that we cannot take for granted that we will live a long life.  Each day is a blessing for sure!  However, I have always wanted to be organized... ready... in case my time comes sooner than expected.

So, in the spirit of not taking a long life for granted, I  enjoy working with Tammy, Marty and Mitch - a security blanket for not being caught unaware.

- Retired Nonprofit Executive Director.  November, 2015.